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Artistas / Bandas Favoritas

Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus,Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato,Ashley Tisdale etc

Músicas Favoritas

São TANTAS! Jonas Brothers: Sorry,Can't Have You,Just Friends,inseparable,World War 3,Fly With Me,Poison Ive,Hey Baby,Much Better,Black Keys,Don't Speak,Love Is On It's Way. Miley Cyrus: Fly On The Walll,Goodbye,Bottom Of The Ocean,7 things,Simple Song,Someday,These Four Walls,Obsessed,When I Look At You,Kicking And Screaming,Party In The USA Taylor Swift: Forever and Always,White Horse,You Belong With Me,you're Not Sorry,The Way I Loved You Demi Lovato: Every Time You Lie,Catch Me,Behind Enemy Lines,Trainwreck Ashley Tisdale: Masquerade e Delete You A FAVORITA: Before The Storm

Programas TV Favoritos

Hannah Montana e JONAS

Livros Favoritos

Harry Potters


Joe,Niley,Joe,Niley,Joe,Niley e Joe,Niley

Frase Favorita

Nunca chore por amor pois a unica pessoa que merece suas lagrimas nunca vai te fazer chorar...